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MomentumTM Experiment Scheduling System
Web-based experiment scheduling and tracking.

This is the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Psychology Experiment Sign-up Site powered by MomentumTM sign-up software.

Note: The system has been reset for the new academic year. If you registered in the system last year, your account no longer exists--you will need to register again.

*** REMINDER: Don't forget to write down the LOCATION of your experiment and the experimenter name when you sign up!!!


* When registering,we suggest using your non-Penn home phone number, including area code; we do NOT recommend using your social security number. Be sure to remember this number.

* Please put your first and last name in the space provided.

* Use your 8-digit Penn ID number (the 8 numbers in larger font on your Penn ID card) for student number

Following these instructions will help us ensure that your credit is properly recorded.

Additional details about subject pool procedures are available at Please read this information before signing up for experiments.

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