Psychology Research Participation 

Experimetrix Experiment Scheduling System
Web-based experiment scheduling and tracking.

This is the University of Arkansas, Department of Psychology
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Getting Started:

  • FIRST, YOU MUST REGISTER AND VERIFY YOUR REGISTRATION: Select 'New User' to register. We'll send you a username and password through email within three hours. Then you must verify your registration: Select 'Log In' to verify your registration and then select 'Edit Your Course Selection' to indicate which section of General Psychology you are in.
  • BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR EXPERIMENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME, CLICK ON READ ME: Select 'Read Me' to familiarize yourself with the rules, guidelines, and policies covering research participation. It is your responsibility to know the material in the 'Read Me' file.
  • Sign Up: Select 'Sign up for experiments' to browse through experiments.
  • Review your Appointments: Select 'log in' to view a list of experiments for which you signed up and to see how many credits you've earned.

  • Important Announcements:

  • Stay Organized: Be sure to write down the following information for every experiment you schedule:
    • Experiment Number (Experiments are listed by number; You will need to know the experiment number to participate)
    • Where to meet the experimenter (room number)
    • Time and date of your appointment
    • Contact information for the experimenter (Name; Email; Phone)
  • Experimenter No-Show: Click here to report an "experimenter no-show".

  • Questions, Problems? Contact the Webmaster